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  1. Learning to Care — Empathy Enriches Our Lives — May 12, 2014
  2. Blessed Soap — January 15, 2014
  3. Does Medicine or the Mind Make the Body-Mind Immune to Disease? — October 2, 2013
  4. Health-Care Professionals Encouraged to ‘Be Missionaries’ — September 6, 2013
  5. Blessings of Religion — August 24, 2013

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May 12

Learning to Care — Empathy Enriches Our Lives

by Gary Small, M.D. Empathy is the ability to imagine and understand what someone else is feeling. This fundamental human trait brings people together and solidifies their social networks, which has been critical to our survival as a species. Unfortunately, the capacity to empathize is declining with the frenetic lifestyles and technological distractions we face …

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Jan 15

Blessed Soap

Oct 02

Does Medicine or the Mind Make the Body-Mind Immune to Disease?

Chromosomes contain thread-like substances, and abnormality happens when the chromosomes break off and attach themselves to another chromosome and begin reproducing, this event is being studied as to why the immune system doesn’t fight the cancer in the first place. National Cancer Institute New medicines are on the way The study is moving the potential …

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Sep 06

Health-Care Professionals Encouraged to ‘Be Missionaries’

Church teaching inspires physicians to promote life. by JANNEKE PIETERS 09/04/2013 NEW ORLEANS — “Be missionaries,” John Brehany encouraged participants at a one-day seminar called “The Culture of Life in Medical Practice,” on Aug. 10. Like those who traveled to foreign lands to bring Christ to souls, Brehany encouraged health-care professionals to join medical associations …

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Aug 24

Blessings of Religion

Why Faith Is Positive for Society By Father John Flynn, LC ROME, August 23, 2013 ( – Events in Egypt may well raise concerns again about the role of religion in society. While extremism or violence in the name of religion is certainly deplorable, overall religion is a positive influence. This was made clear in …

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Jun 05

Researchers Find Gene Action Altered After Relaxation Practice

It’s widely accepted that yoga, meditation and other practices that involve conscious relaxation can reduce stress and enhance a person’s general well-being. But for many, notions of “mindfulness” and “wellness” still come off as a tad New Age-y and amorphous. So here, for skeptics, is a molecular-level reality check: Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and …

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Apr 21

Study Shows That Belief In An Angry God Is Bad For Mental Health

2013/04/20, By Shannon Barber This is another great reason to be non-religious, or at least to believe in a loving creator rather than a wrathful one. A new study links the belief in a vengeful, wrathful, angry god to various psychiatric disorders, The Raw Story reports. The April Edition of the Journal of Religion and Health reports on a study conducted …

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Apr 21

Why Going To Church Is Good For You

The Benefits of Church Andrea Kalfas By T. M. LUHRMANN, NY TIMES: OP-ED GUEST COLUMNIST Published: April 20, 2013   ONE of the most striking scientific discoveries about religion in recent years is that going to church weekly is good for you. Religious attendance — at least, religiosity — boosts the immune system and decreases blood pressure. It …

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Mar 29

Use Prayer, Religious Practices to Stimulate the Brain

Anger, resentment, negative images and thoughts can activate the most primitive part of our brain, the limbic system, while damaging those parts of the brain (the frontal lobe and the anterior cingulate) that are attuned to logic, reason, positive emotions, and compassion. These areas can be activated by prayer and other religious activities. Identified are some ways that …

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Mar 25

Is Religion Good for Your Health?

By Richard Besser | ABC News Blogs   — Faith and medicine frequently intersect. My patients and I often talk about spirituality when we discuss medical issues. For many people, life-and-death decisions are grounded in a belief that a higher being will guide the outcome as much, or more than, the physicians and treatments involved. In addition, a …

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