All candidates must demonstrate training or involvement in a healing capacity or ministry before they will be considered for  for Holy Orders.

Further, candidates for the Holy Diaconate and/or Holy Priesthood who are not in Major Orders must:

  1. Complete as a minimum the one-year Licentiate program offered through the Holy Order of St. Luke  the Healer Seminary College though a full course of theological studies at either an acceptable school of theological/ biblical studies is highly encouraged. Please check with the Dean of the Licentiate Program (Dean(at)StLukeTheHealer(dot)org)  if the school of theology at which you wish to study is acceptable.
  2. Show their ability to form, cultivate and sustain an active healing or related ministry and to support themselves.

Candidates who are in Major Orders or who have completed theological studies must: 

  1. Obtain a written release from the Hierarch in whose jurisdiction they are currently incardinated
  2. Agree to a probationary period during which time the Candidate, Hierarchy and Clergy of jurisdiction can get to know each other and form strong and stable fraternal bonds
  3. During this period of probation, the Candidate must actively participate in the Synods and Clergy Conferences of jurisdiction
  4. Satisfy any deficiencies  in his theological and/or liturgical formation
  5. Show his ability to form, cultivate and sustain an active ministry and to support himself.

Mandatory Documentation to be presented along with the Application for Incardination:

  1. Certificate(s) of Baptism and Chrismation.
  2. Certified copies of academic transcripts from all colleges, universities and/or seminaries attended
  3. If married, a certified copy of the Applicantʼs Marriage Certificate of a sacramental Orthodox marriage
  4. If married, a notarized statement from the Applicantʼs spouse supporting his admission to Holy Orders 
  5. Official Criminal Background Check/Clearance (at Candidateʼs expense)
  6. A psychological assessment submitted by a licensed psychologist directly to the Prior General
  7. A recommendation from three employers submitted directly to the Prior General
  8. A recommendation from the Candidateʼs Spiritual Father submitted directly to the  Prior General
  9. A letter detailing the Candidateʼs spiritual journey and reasons for applying to the Holy Order of St. Luke the Healer