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Does Medicine or the Mind Make the Body-Mind Immune to Disease?

Chromosomes contain thread-like substances, and abnormality happens when the chromosomes break off and attach themselves to another chromosome and begin reproducing, this event is being studied as to why the immune system doesn’t fight the cancer in the first place. National Cancer Institute

New medicines are on the way

The study is moving the potential to new cancer immunotherapy. The proteins which attack-anti-tumor are in trial now on lab mice. Enzyme p300 can stop the function of other proteins, slowing down the growth of abnormal cells and allowing an autoimmune response reaction and boosting immune system response.

Recognizing this abnormality increases chances for increased health

The abnormality doesn’t seem to be associated with the worst possible outcomes and puts “at risk” patients up front leading to improved cures. The testing would be free with other testing you would already be receiving. Fifty years ago the survival rate for most cancers was only 50% and is now 80%, this new break could up it to 90%.

Comparing the mind against “the placebo affect”

The placebo affect counts as much as taking the actual drug. Pharmaceutical drugs account for 80% effectiveness, no matter what the disease of illness is. The genetic impact of meditation and visualization is amazing. The repetitive thought that is repeated over and over then actually begins to take pattern into the brain and have an effect on the body.

Unblocking the immune system

Visualization or guided imagery are used in medicine and holistic fields now to help patients to unblock the stress and anxiety. If the mind plays an important role in healing cancer, it plays just as an important role in preventing cancer. Scientists now recognize that a sense of purpose, a positive outlook and the feeling of being in control of your life help to prevent illness and disease.

The idea of your attitude affecting your health is older than medicine

Humanistic holistic values are coming into practice and implemented into modern medicine. The state of mind has a good deal to do with your nerve cells. Doctors now have been able to chart exactly how the mind effects the body through chemical messengers to the brain mood and motivation. People will be surprised at the scientific discovery once it is mapped out, but the mind has a larger role for countering invasion and rendering health.

The heart is at the heart of the central nervous system

Behind the heart is the thymus gland which controls hormones along with 12-15 other compounds and substances in the body. When the heart is cut off from emotions of love and positive intention, the thymus gland stops producing the life-saving combinations. When the trauma is over the thymus gland begins pumping them out again. This is just one aspect of the immune system taking care of the body.

It’s a proven fact, you change your DNA by changing your thoughts, changing your health is possible

International scientist, Dr. David Hamilton Ph D. of Glasglow University specializing in biological and medicinal chemistry, in his book from 2003, The Thought that Counts, proves that thoughts of the mind do count. He left the pharmaceutical industry when he realized the placebo effect has the same power as a drug does.

Comparing the mind against “the placebo affect” counts as much as taking the actual drug. The genetic impact of meditation is amazing the repetitive thought that is negative, angry and resentful over and over then it actually begins to take pattern into the brain and have an effect on the body.

The brain and its neurons are constantly changing based on your life experience and the things you tell yourself and repeat over and over. Saying, “I am in recovery, I am better, rather than I am sick,” begins to take hold just saying it a few times, moving the body and mind towards health.

Quantum healing

Dr. David R. Hamilton Hamilton says he has witnessed it happening over and over with patients in dire straits in the hospital by using their mind and being strong in its intention completely turned their health around. While those who lay in a negative heap, and clung to their illness soon died.

“There is some great health technology going on out there, by all means use it, but use your mind to increase your health every day. The genetics you have only gives you a slight chance of ‘genetically’ getting the same diseases as your family and ancestors. The state of mind, aggressively living in the wrong state of mind and your lifestyle have the rest of it covered. Your lifestyle is a big part of your state of mind, what you believe you eat, drink, sleep, exercise, into health or poor health.”

Hardening of the arteries, how do you get it?

“Your arteries go from being the consistency of a poached egg to being the consistency of plasterboard. One of the quickest ways to develop this disease is not through the dietary habits like most doctors will tell you, but through being aggressive and hostile to other people. It’s the fastest way to develop heart disease.

The human power of love and kindness and compassion is amazing

There is a great deal of research that shows people who are aggressive and sharp, cutting and short with their remarks and comments to other people will develop hardening of the arteries. As you harden towards people you arteries also harden, as you are soft with people so too are your arteries. It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever learned in medicine.”

Quantum field of healing

“The body looks solid but it’s not. It’s waves of energy in the quantum field. So something in the body, hardening of the arteries, from the surface looks solid on the outside but is no longer looked at as something physical to change. A wave of energy is easier to heal than matter is. Waves are always changing and hardening of the arteries can pass.”



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