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We at the Holy Order of St. Luke the Healer have been blessed by the Lord as a medical Order in so many ways.It begins with our charism of healing and celebration of the sacraments and extends to our community of faith.

Finances are obviously very important to maintain our ministry, and we appreciate the generous support we receive so that we can continue our work of healing in the fullest meaning of the word. We of the Order recognize that all we have – our time, our talents, our resources, even our very lives – are gifts from God. We are called to be good stewards of all these gifts, investing them wisely and generously for the sake of God’s kingdom. We know that our Lord’s promise is to “Seek first His kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things shall be yours as well.”

To help make it more convenient for you to financially support the Order, we have instituted an electronic payment option. This offers you the opportunity to make automatic financial contributions through PayPal to our community.

To begin Online Giving on a regular basis, all you need is a PayPal account. This is a safe, convenient alternative wherein NONE of your banking information is made available to anyone. If you would like to make a one-time contribution, even an account with PayPal is unnecessary, though we still use PayPal as our payment gateway to process gifts by credit or debit card.

For further information or assistance, please contact our chancellery office at donations(at)StLukeTheHealer(dot)org

If you prefer to donate by check, please make the check payable to the: Holy Order of St. Luke The Healer and mail to the chancellery office:

Holy Order of St. Luke the Healer

Chancellery Office

5218 Van Buren Road

Delray Beach, FL 33484 USA

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And let me personally thank you for your kindness and generosity!

Bishop +Varlaam

Bishop +Varlaam
Prior General
Holy Order of St. Luke the Healer