Mission Statement

Integrating spirituality into health & healing

Strengthened by community and prayeceltic_lorraine_crossr, the Holy Order of Saint Luke the Healer is committed to our charism of health and healing in the widest sense of the word, participating in the healing ministry of Christ, rooted in Gospel values and the traditions of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Based upon an integrative and holistic approach, we hope to bring healing to a fractured world. Although looking globally at the the true remedial needs of society and the world, we will engage locally, emphasizing action to help in overcoming those needs.

To heal means to “make whole” in its fullest sense- physically, spiritually, psychologically, socially, materially and intellectually. This broad meaning is found first of all in the word “salvation”, the root of which is “healing”. Salvation and healing are one.

Our vision is holistic and synergistic, emphasizing unity of body, mind and spirit and deeply committed to the social needs of the people we serve, including those at the margins of society- the poor, the dying and those overlooked by society at large in the Spirit of Compassion, reflecting the compassion of Christ, the ultimate Healer. We firmly maintain that looking after the welfare of our fellow human beings is not something best left to secular society or government but to committed Christians in the Body of Christ.

We do not define health as the absence of disease or infirmity but instead in its fuller definition of a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. We adhere to the more encompassing naturopathic approach to healthcare and therefore encourage both preventative and integrative medicine. We also believe that a core component to overcoming illness and restoring health is true reconciliation of the Spirit with God, that many of our physical ailments are a result of spiritual crisis. Reconciliation will provide meaning to all people and help to alleviate physical suffering as well.

We also very strongly commit to education and advocacy to prevent disease and illness but also to promote health and well-being, including the power of Prayer to do so.

Finally, the Order, through stewardship, will act as facilitators and advocates in promoting understanding, ecumenism, reconciliation, conflict resolution and overcoming dissension both locally and also on the global stage.