More About the Order


What is a Priory?

The Holy Order of St. Luke the Healer is incorporated as a Church in the Eastern orthodox tradition but is constructed as a religious Order (known as Bratstvo or αδελφότητα in Orthodox circles.

The Order is further structured on the priory model. Thought of as small monasteries, historically, priories are something of a hybrid. They were often offshoots of existing monasteries, where there were less than 12 monks in residence (known as conventional priories). Simple priories were more independent in nature, subject tot a cathedral, an abbot or part of the historical military orders.

The other aspect that distinguishes monasteries and priories is that priories tended to be more involved with the community and their needs- hospitals, orphanages, “soup” kitchens, etc., while the monasteries tended to be more contemplative and reclusive.

The concept of the simple priory fits in nicely with the existent structure of the Holy Order of St. Luke the Healer. As we are a healing Order, our involvement in the community is axiomatic.

Currently we have one priory located in Florida, though two others are in the works, one In New York and the other in Ukraine.


Our “Priory Without Walls”

However, not everyone is called to live within a monastery or priory in communal life or are not located physically where such a priory is located. Still, such believers should be able to be part of a community and part of the community life that is at the heart of an Order such as the Holy Order of St. Luke the Healer.

We have therefore, created our “Priory Without Walls”, a priory without physical walls, where our members are its “living stones”. This Priory Without Walls is built upon a foundation of the spiritual wisdom of Christ as expressed through the Early Church and continues on today through the traditions of the Eastern Orthodox church.

While the “foundation” is wisdom, the “cornerstone” is Divine Love, the “walls” are our healing charism and the “roof” is a spire, the spearhead of Truth.

To enable a Priory Without Walls, we rely heavily upon evolving strategies in communication and social media. Perhaps the best example is our Virtual Chapel.